Live Badging

The fastest colour badging solution in the world

fielddrive offers a range of services to get your on-site visitor registration and badging organised, and finally, say goodbye to preprinted badges. Our fully integrated solution covers all your needs for badge printing, vouchers, wristbands, NFC and RFID encoding, document delivery, document scanning and any accreditation you may require.

  • 5 seconds per badgeprint

  • 20 seconds average delegate throughput

  • 9 seconds using face recognition technology

  • Full color A6 badges

  • Colours and icons for categories and sessions

  • Onsite registrations for walk-ins

  • Personal program for each delegate

  • Integrated with your favorite platform

  • Over 140 integrations and more coming every month...


Why use live badging?

This is the fastest and most cost-effective way to welcome your guests. All services are synchronised live to the cloud so you can follow up the progress in real time from your mobile device.  All replacements, new registrations, workshop changes are logged in the database for post-event communication and reporting.

Badgedrive software

The badgedrive software is installed on every individual kiosk at your event. It's the engine of your onsite delegate management. It allows you to:

  • Check-in delegates in assisted mode
    • By facial recognition
    • By barcode scan
    • By name lookup
  • Check-in delegates in self-check-in mode
    • By facial recognition
    • By barcode scan
  • Register new walk-ins
  • Manage handouts for conference bags, headsets…
  • Manage cloakroom tickets
  • Manage session check-ins
  • Manage access control
    • By badge scan
    • By facial recognition

Facial Recognition

the fastest way to check-in

Impress Your Delegates With Facial Recognition Check-In

A smooth and efficient check-in process is key to avoid long lines at events.  And why do we see long lines?  Mostly it’s not the technology slowing down the process, but the attendees themselves…

They are not reading instructions displayed on the terminal, they cannot find their ticket, spend the time to retrieve the QR code on their phone, or they have their hands full and have to place down their belongings before they can start the check-in process.

Facial recognition is addressing the root cause of the problem by eradicating the need for user actions. When an attendee approaches the check-in station they will be instantly identified and print the badge, without them having to take any action. It’s that simple!

The software and hardware are incorporated into the fielddrive kiosks and makes it a plug-and-play solution.


  • It's 50 % faster than traditional check-in.

  • It's secure.

  • It's tested and successfully implemented in over 40 events in 2017/ 2018.

  • It's GDPR compliant.

  • It WOW's your delegates.

  • It's incorporated in our kiosks.

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