Track & Trace

Measure the whereabouts of your delegates with state-of-the-art session scanningaccess control and lead retrieval solutions for comprehensive event analysis. We offer fully automated presence detection, digital interaction and live dashboards to monitor the movements of each individual visitor in your event.  We deliver setup and support services for this brand new technology. Detection can be done anonymously for flow measuring or identified for actual individual reporting.

Why use attendee tracking?

  • Non intrusive: fully automated presence detection without requiring the customer to change their habits. No check-in, swipe or scanning or download required! No hassle at registration!

  • Printable badges: printable smart badges to ensure it seamlessly integrates with your existing registration process.

  • Presence and interaction: fully automated presence detection, digital interaction and real-time cloud integration, which offers huge creativity to stand out at your next event.

  • Visitor analytics: visitor duration, product interest and journeys, suited for booth metrics, session attendance & public area.

  • Powerful web reporting: Visitor analytics such as # visits, dwelling time, journey, real-time density and activity maps, data export and API.

How does it work?

  • RfiD: (Radio Frequency Identification) - A hidden tag in the badge is captured by an antenna system setup by our technicians at your event. The antennas can be setup in a zone going from a small exhibition booth to a large plenary area, or an entrance gate to a room. This allows visitors to be scanned with a 90% accuracy entering specific predefined zones. Perfect for crowd-control, visitor traffic reports, plenary sessions.

  • NFC: (Near Field Communication) - A hidden tag in in the badge or wristband is captured by near field antenna's over a distance of 3m to 5cm. This allows to scan visitors with a 99,9 % accuracy. Perfect for meeting rooms, booths, documentation downloads.

  • BLE: (Bluetooth Low Energy) - The low energy battery powered beacons can detect mobile devices over a distance of 5m. Beacons can be used in a fixed setup to identify visitors in specific workshops, booths or entrance gates. Or in an active token on the lanyard or wristband to enable visitor identification with our apps, for networking, booth visits.

  • 2D Barcode: The traditional barcode or QR codes printed on the badges, vouchers or shown on mobile devices can be scanned with 2D barcode scanners, this can be used for access control, workshop scanning, booth visits.

  • m-beacons: Mobile beacons are little active beacons which attach to each visitor badge. Beacons allow visitors to identify their peers and detect networking opportunities.

By combining these 5  means of identification in one central platform we can achieve a 99,9 % of accuracy in the reporting. Our team will help you to define and deploy the right technologies to fit your objectives and your budget.

Session Scanning

Count your audience

TrackPod for Session Scanning

Scan attendees in and out of sessions with TrackPod, the attendee tracking app. Monitor how long attendees stay in sessions and restrict access through TrackPod’s easy to use interface. This innovative technology provides great visibility into your event dynamics. Available as an offline data collection tool or mobile app.

You can also decide to use NFC, RFID and beacons technologies for fully automated visitor tracking (with no more manual scanning at the entrance).

Lead Retrieval

for your exhibitors and partners

LeadKey & LeadPod for Lead Retrieval

Exhibitors generate the bulk of your event revenue so give them the best lead retrieval tools to keep them happy and returning to your event year after year! Our lead retrieval solutions are available as an offline data collection and a mobile app.

LeadKey (offline data collector)

The LeadKey is ideal for exhibitors that are looking for a simple to use, lightweight Lead Retrieval system. Scan attendees’ badges quickly and easily and under any lighting condition. Leads will be uploaded to our secure Leads Portal at the close of the event.

LeadPod (mobile app for lead retrieval)

LeadPod leverages your own Apple or Android mobile device for instant lead acquisition at events.

Once LeadPod is downloaded and installed onto your device, you will be able to scan attendees’ barcoded badges using the device’s camera. The LeadPod app will display the attendee’s full contact information for you to review or edit.

LeadPod allows exhibitors to qualify their leads using standard action codes or custom qualifiers. Exhibitors may also add notes to the lead’s record.

Leads are continuously synced with our Lead Portal. Exhibitors may access their leads online at any time and can export their leads into MS Excel or CSV format.

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